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Tyler Hood

Top 7 Things to Consider During Campaign Construction

Before you begin constructing campaigns, it’s important to remember that the goal of Campaigns is to elevate your voice at scale. Ok, you may be thinking, "that sounds like some fancy marketing language". So what does that really mean?

We recognize people do business with people (not brands) and communicating with your voice (personality) it builds relationships that last beyond the initial "deal". We also know it takes an average of seven points of contact before someone will engage. Therefore, by automating the initial outreach and follow up, it saves precious time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

1. Who are you targeting?

This step will help determine the strategy and how you want to target those new prospects. Leads that are purchased from a lead source, require a different strategy from leads that come from a referral source. Likewise, leads looking to refinance (for instance) have different needs from people looking to purchase. Understanding your audience will help you develop a campaign that is effective and drives response as opposed to driving people to your DNC (Do not call) list.

2. Converting VS Nurturing

Once you have defined your target audience, now we need to determine what the goal is. We have defined two main types of campaigns: converting and nurturing. Are you needing to “convert” this person (aka start the conversation) or "nurture" this person (sustain the relationship)? In doing so this allows us to create a different strategy for each.

Converting campaigns:
The goal of a converting campaign is to jump start a conversation, and thus build a relationship with the lead or prospect. We recommend having multiple events per day while typically lasting only a few days (3-7). Our converting campaigns are designed with emotional intelligence through omni-channel communication. Through our converting campaigns prospects can eng
age with you as they see fit, whether that be calling, texting, or emailing. They’ll also be able to see you (video) and hear you (voicemail).

Nurturing campaigns:
The goal of nurturing campaign is multifaceted. These campaigns are used to stay in contact with people for a longer period of time, after the conversation was already started. These could be designed as educational, i.e. providing content helpful to first time home buyers, credit repair, or specifics that will help a previously unqualified buyer get qualified. In other ways, nurture campaigns are used to stay in front of people who maybe need a bit more time to convert into a customer. *

3. Keep it simple, Silly

There is no need to summarize your entire business or product offering in a text message. Draft the message exactly as you would if you were texting a friend to schedule a coffee, lunch or a phone call.

4. Ask questions

You don’t need to ask every question at once but people are more likely to respond and engage when they feel there is a call to action. People want to feel heard and it is easy to show you care by engaging the lead with questions. Ending a message without a question is not leaving the prospect with anything to respond too

5. Use videos

It can be difficult to put yourself out there on video. However, using videos increases your response rate exponentially. People want to see a face with the name and it’s a great way to begin building the relationship and building trust. By putting “video” in a subject line your email open rate will increase, on average, by 19%.

6. Provide value

One way to show you care is by providing value. Position yourself as the expert and coach people on your process. This will help build the relationship with your client and will avoid every conversation feeling solely transactional.

7. Be personal not salesy

Like we recognized at the very beginning - people do business with people. Using campaigns provides you with the opportunity to ask necessary questions and provide customized solutions to your clients. By building the relationship first, your clients have trust that you can support their needs and will be interested to hear the solutions you can provide them. Also, don’t be afraid to use emojis, or GIFs.

Utilizing campaigns with Bonzo effectively will allow you to spend more time doing what you love and less time on mundane outreach and follow up. Campaigns will maximize your time and efforts by starting and sustaining deeper conversations with clients, that will ultimately generate more success for your business.

Take advantage of these tips in building your campaigns to help get in front of more people and build more relationships!

Spend less time managing conversations and more time having them.